S.P. McLean Engineering have the expertise and capability to fabricate and design pressure vessels to AS1210-2010 (all classes), in stainless steel, carbon steel, duplex, pipe work to AS4041. We provide fuel filtration solutions to the aviation, diesel and gas industries.

Our fuel filtration solutions include:

Filter/Separator Vessels

Filter/Separators are two-stage vessels designed to remove dirt and separate water from fuel at refineries, product terminals, fuel farms, and on refueling vehicles. They continuously coalesce and separate water, which collects in the vessel sump where it can be drained. Velcon Filter/Separators have passed numerous tests qualifying them to the latest EI 1581 edition. Construction is to AS1210 – Australian Code. Units qualified to military specifications are also available.

Velcon Filter Vessels

Parker Velcon Microfilter And Filter Separator Vessels For Aviation And Industrial

We are manufactures a wide range of vessels, including carbon steel pressure vessels, stainless pressure vessels & aluminium pressure vessels for filtration, water separation, and fuel treatment. Standard vessel construction is to AS1210 – Australian Code.

Horizontal Filter/Separator Vessels

  • Designed specifically for hydrant carts and refueler
  • Compact side and end opening
  • Fixed and mobile applications
  • Reduced weight/reduced size
  • Easier Maintenance
  • Industry qualified

Monitor Vessels

The Velcon CDF Monitor Vessels, equipped with the CDF® Cartridges, provide superior performance and reliability for assuring clean, dry fuel. These vessels are for use downstream of filter/separators or on refueler trucks.

The presence of water and/or dirt in the influent fuel is indicated by an increase in the pressure differential (or a decrease in flow rate if the monitor housing is not equipped with a differential pressure gauge). These changes are the result of flow restriction caused by dirt filtration or water absorption in the media. The rapidity of these changes will depend on the quantity of water or contaminant present.

Clay Treaters

VC Series Clay Treater/Filter Vessels are for use with Velcon clay canister elements in applications such as removing surfactants from jet fuel and acids or products of oxidation from lube and hydraulic oils. The standard design is fitted for canister type cartridges with knife seal mounting hardware. Velcon recommends our standard canister design because it offers you the following advantages over the bag type:

  1. Positive Cartridge End Seal prevents contaminated liquid bypass
  2. Lower Purchase Price – the canister design eliminates the need for costly element standpipes
  3. Easier, Faster Element Changes – with simple hand tools

Filter Cartridges, System Options and Accessories

Aviation fuel, including jet fuel and avgas, needs to be extremely clean and dry as it is being loaded onto the aircraft. Depending on the flow rate, fuel type, and location in the fuel distribution system, you will need different filter cartridges.

The closer the fuel is to being delivered to the aircraft, the cleaner and drier it must be. Velcon Filters is a reliable source of filter cartridges and filtration and separation vessels that provide high quality filtration for the fuel before and during the pumping of the fuel into the aircraft.

Velcon Filters manufactures hundreds of different fuel filter and oil filter cartridges, with a range of filtration efficiencies (micron ratings) in a variety of configurations, to meet specific industry filtration requirements. Filter cartridges qualified to military specifications are also offered.

Included is the industry’s most complete line of jet fuel filter cartridge sets qualified to test to the latest EI 1581 for use in Filter/Separators. CDF® monitor cartridges are qualified to the latest EI 1583 Monitor specifications. Also available are a line of filter cartridges qualified to EI 1590 Specification for prefilters.

Other cartridges are offered for the removal of granular and colloidal contaminants as well as surfactants. These cartridges provide optimum filtration performance when used in either Velcon filter vessels or in housings made by Quantek/Facet, Fram, Bendix, Bowser/Keene/Kaydon, Purolator, and numerous others.

Quick flush tanks - Skid systems

QFT, level gauge, Aljac jar, ball valves, diaphragm pump and all pipework mounted on dip hot galvanised base with forklift pockets and lifting lugs.

Volume: 700 litres (can also be designed to smaller or larger volumes)
Material: 304SS or 316SS
In/outlet: 25NB ANSI 150# RFWN

All fabricated equipment with complete MDR including material certificates, welding procedures, welders qualification, non destructive tests and ITP.

Quick flush tanks - Sampling tanks

Volume: 300 litres (can also be designed to smaller or larger volumes)
Material: 304SS or 316SS
In/outlet: 25NB ANSI 150# RFWN
Bracket to install Aljac jar 4L
Comes with: level gauge

Turndish / Slop tank

Aviation customised solutions
Volume: 60 litres (can also be designed to smaller or larger volumes)
Material: 304SS or 316SS
Iin/outlet: 20NB ANSI 150# RFWN
Comes with level gauge

Sampling cabinets - Closed Circuit Sampling System

Closed Circuit Sampling System (CCSS) cabinets are installed to carry out quality control checks on Jet fuel samples.

Each CCSS unit consists of a stainless steel cabinet c/w aluminium shutter doors which is fitted with the following equipment:

  • 1 x 4l Aljac Sampler

  • 1 x 10l/hr pneumatic pump for product receipt from tank

  • 1 x 10l/hr pneumatic pump for product return to tank

  • 1 x Flow meter

  • 2 x pneumatic foot pedal switches

  • Stainless steel piping and valves

  • Spring return “Apollo’ valves
  • Drain to recovery tank, to waste tank and to sample bucket

The primary purpose of the CCSS is allow the Operator be able to draw product samples from of the Tank into the Aljac Sampler for daily QC checks or as required and minimise the need for operators to manually draw and handle bucket or glass jar samples, thereby minimising manual handling and any direct exposure to fuel and eliminating ergonomic exposures.

We have our own pre qualified procedures and specifications covering:
Welding Approvals
  • AS 3992
  • AS 1554
Materials of Construction

Carbon & Stainless Steels

Industries Served
  • Aviation
  • Petrochemicals
  • Off/Onshore Oil & Gas
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Hydro Power
Typical Products
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Separators
  • Filter Vessels
  • Skid Packages
  • Pressure Piping
  • Refinery Packages
  • Low Temperature Applications


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